Online Tools : Oembed Proxy for GitHub

Oembed Proxy for GitHub

Oembed Proxy for GitHub makes it possible to embed source files from GithHub in services that support Oembed standard.

I made it so that I can include source files from GitHub in Notion pages. It should work for other services that support Oembed.

How to use it

To embed source file pass it as url query argument to, creating oembed URL


To modify how code is rendered you can append URL query parameters:

Available themes: abap, algol, algol_nu, arduino, autumn, borland, bw, colorful, dracula, emacs, friendly, fruity, github, igor, lovelace, manni, monokai, monokailight, murphy, native, paraiso-dark, paraiso-light, pastie, perldoc, pygments, rainbow_dash, rrt, solarized-dark, solarized-dark256, solarized-light, swapoff, tango, trac vim, vs, xcode

Example: ?nolines&theme=github

Try it

Put GitHub URL of the file (try:

Oembed url:

You can test oembed url at oEmbed Tester

Made by Krzysztof Kowalczyk. Comments, questions, feedback? Let me know